Hemingway International Billfishing Tournament 2015

Hemingway International Billfishing Tournament 2015

In this year´s newer version this traditional Cuban fishing tournament, tourism and sport are combined, forming one of the largest events of its kind. Cuban authorities predict that the participation at this 65th edition will be a record in the history of the tournament.

Hemingway International Billfishing Tournament 2015

This meeting, one of the oldest competitions on the continent, will take place from May 25 - 30. The first tournament took place during the life of American novelist Ernest Hemingway who had a strong bond with the Island and its inhabitants.

The tournament was inaugurated in 1950, and 10 years later the International Fishing Club´s head office moved from the bay of Havana to its present location, the Hemingway Marina (at that time it was named Barlovento).

Hemingway donated the first two silver cups to award the winners. Also, as founder of the event, he accepted that it carry his name, at the proposal of Cuban fishermen.

In 1960 the highest score of the competition went to Cuban Revolution Leader, Fidel Castro, moment in which he had his only meeting with the novelist.

Hemingway International Billfishing Tournament 2015

In last two decades more than 30 countries have taken part in the competition, among which have stood out the United States with 23 teams, Russia with 16, Cuba, the U.K., Italy and France with 15 and Spain with 14.

The upcoming meeting will last four days, with the Trolling or Moving method as well as the Tag and Release method, bearing in mind the conservation of the species. In this edition of the tournament a large range of awards will be given out, with the three highest scoring teams, the first billfish capture, capture of youngest and oldest dorado, among others.

The president of International Game Fish Association, Rob Cramer, foresees being present at the Captains’ meeting on the first day, along with other managers with head offices in the United States.

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