President Allende Student Residence

By Roberto F. Campos, Photos: Publicitur (Norlys), on: Health & Medicine
President Allende Student Residence

The President Allende Student Residence has become like home for more than two thousand foreign students who are studying medicine in Cuba, providing good accommodations in which to live while in the country and above all, understanding, love and dedication. This is what many students expressed to our magazine, but their best experience has been that Cuba has offered them a great opportunity. “We are students from African countries and here we have access to this platform of exchange and training, both professional and human, which has made us value what Cuba has to offer. We now understand the feelings that Cubans have towards their profession”, said one of the students.

President Allende Student Residence

Moreover, the director of the residence, Mr. Alexander Quian Pérez said that the residence currently houses 2,456 African students, financed by the Governments of Congo, Ghana, Chad and South Africa.

He added that the residence has also been a wonderful experience for staff as it has allowed them to meet foreign students daily and has made it possible to get close to their cultures, religions and way of life in general.

“In the residence we operate like a big family and, as such, I have not only had the role of director but that of a father. It will always be an infinite pleasure to receive students from all backgrounds in the world. Here they will find the necessary support to develop and fully exploit their potential today, so that they can be the protectors of life in their villages tomorrow”, he highlighted.

President Allende Student Residence

Presidente Allende School was inaugurated by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz on December 5, 1974 as a training school for teachers. After major repairs it was reopened also by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro on September 11th, 2001.

As a historical antecedent the center was immersed in the Battle of Ideas that has given continuity to the different projects of the Revolution. Metaphorically, one of these became Latin America’s largest hospitals, recognized as well by the United Nations for Children (UNICEF) - the Miracle Mission, where 25% of the patients around the country are treated. It has been the Faculty of Medicine for teachers and students of the new Training for Latin American Doctors, Faculty of the Postgraduate program and is residence to thousands of young Latin American students studying this great profession.

President Allende Student Residence

General features • Expansion of 16 hectares. • Accommodation capacity of 4,324 beds in 14 towers and a residential villa. • 5 dining rooms with a total capacity. of 3000 people. • 6 generators. • 3 computer labs with Internet. • Server. • Closed-circuit television with satellite service. • Theatre with a capacity of 470 spectators. • 8 conference rooms with capacity for 60. people per room. • Scientific technology information center. • SIUM medical station. • Various sports areas. • Olympic-size swimming pool. • Hairdressing, barbershop, tailor, shoemaker, mail and laundry services and stores.


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