Tostones, ambassadors of Cuban food

Tostones, ambassadors of Cuban food

Something crappy about hurricanes it’s the destruction they left in crops, especially in banana plantations. Therefore, after such a disaster, bananas get lost for a while, depriving us of one of the undisputed ambassadors of Cuban cuisine: the tostón, tachino, chatino or punched bananas...

If you think there are too many names for a smashed and fried banana, you better learn that they call it patacon on some Caribbean countries, tostada in Cali, tajada in Honduras and verde frito in the Dominican Republic. Maybe you heard sometimes about "patacón pisao", a popular merengue sung by Johnny Ventura.

The authentic toston is made with green banana, although fongo also works. This is a great ideal for tapas, appetizers, or snacks, and identifies Cuban cuisine world-wide.

The concept is simple: slice the banana into 3 or 4 pieces; put them to fry until they turn yellow; remove them and crush them with a tostonera or cartridge paper, Cuban style; give them another skillet pass until they are golden, and voila.

However, this traditional dish has been enriched over time thanks to the innovation of those who seek to make it more attractive and delicious. For example, stuffed tostones is a great starter, while help to reuse those small portions that have been left over from previous meals.

Then, you also can prepare them in oven and microwave. Jews claim that it is kosher, and no ethnicity is known to reject them, so it’s an inclusive meal. That’s why CubaPLUS shares the recipe for making tostones rellenos, an easy-to-make treat:


6 green bananas

½ cup of ground cheese and ham or ½ cup of shredded meat

½ liter of oil


Peel the bananas and cut them into slices 3 to 4 centimeters wide. Meanwhile, put enough oil in a pan to cover the pieces. Fry over medium heat until it goldens, remove, and drain. When cooled, make a cavity in the pieces, taking care not to break it. Now fill them up, either with the ham and cheese mixture, or with the shredded meat, or with shrimp, anyway... Por some salt keep them warm in a thick saucepan covered in oil, over low heat. If you want to hallucinate, cover the filling with cheese and let it melt... Take that Ferrán Adriá!!!

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