CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.03

CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.03

Welcome to another edition of our magazine dedicated to the most relevant places and figures of Cuban society and leisure.

For this September issue we want to offer you a broad spectrum of information on Cuba and its people as well as the great opportunities this country has for Canadians in general.

Alberto and I, we are really excited with the way the magazine has been circulating in Canada. Specially since this is the first time such information has been made available to travelers and people interested in Cuba. Having lived in Cuba for some time now I have come to realize the great advantages this country has and the beautiful people living in it. We want to share all of this with you.

For the first time a Canadian company, Taina Communications, has signed a 5 year deal with Prensa Latina, the Latin American News Agency based in Cuba, to produce the best magazine possible for all of you to enjoy.

Having being in the business of news and publications for almost five decades now, Prensa Latina, has a greatly experienced staff of journalists and graphic designers. Working with Prensa Latina has been greatly fulfilling for us and the exchange of experiences has resulted, with each issue, in new ideas and proposals from both sides.

In this issue and in each the forthcoming ones we will have better and more exciting realms of Cuban beauty to offer you.

I hope you enjoy Volume 3 of CubaPLUS Magazine.