CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.04

CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.04

We wish to welcome you once again to another edition of our young but constantly growing magazine. In our previous issues, we have presented you with many views of Cuba but I guess we have never shown you how beautiful Havana could be at night, seen from the sea. This is a marvelous city any way you put it. Havana possesses one of the best natural harbours in the Caribbean and has long been strategically and commercially important. Aside from that, one constantly discovers unusual places that could only be found here. 

My friend and business partner Alberto has not visited Havana in a while. He has been kept busy with his work and has not been able to enjoy this amazing city as he once did. It is worth taking a walk through the Vedado area and along the Malec?n. Maybe stopping at the arts and craft market up La Rampa to buy some of the souvenirs offered there. Old Havana is one of our favorite areas for a walk. We like to spend our time at the museums and old colonial buildings that locals cherish as national treasures. There is the Caf? del Oriente in the Plaza San Francisco de As?s, a great place to have a drink and for a moment imagine you are in another place. 

Finally, going to the cannon ceremony, a centuries-old event, at the Caba?a Castle, once considered the greatest Spanish fortress in Cuba, could be the final step of your journey. 

Personally, I never get tired of this city. There are so many ways to enjoy your vacation on this island. What I advise is that you don't waste time but just come down here. At first you may find yourself wondering what to do but you will soon realize that there is not enough time to see and do everything you want. The nature of Cubans and their customs is the best attraction you may find. That is what we are here for. 

I hope you enjoy Volume 4 of CubaPLUS Magazine.