CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.05

CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.05

Since our Winter Volume several events have marked the end of 2007. November and December are months in Cuba, and especially in Havana, where many things take place. The two biggest events that take the spotlight and gather people and media alike are the Havana International Trade Fair (FIHAV) and the New Latin American Film Festival in Havana.

FIHAV is held on the Expocuba grounds on the outskirts of Havana. Companies and countries' representatives gather for the most important trade event of the year in a country where foreign commerce is paramount. CubaPLUS was among the participants and we had our share of exchanges and visitors to our stand. As with any young magazine, our goal was to make the best contacts and to have people get to know us. Our stay at the fair produced some excellent results and we are very happy with our participation.

The Havana Film Festival lasts 10 days each December. We would dare say that this is the event most locals and many visitors await with great anticipation. Although in recent years, the Festival was somehow lacking a strong Cuban presence, this years' edition has brought new and refreshing films for all moviegoers. Actors, directors, producers, all mingle with the crowd in a feast for the eyes, which lasts from morning to night. CubaPLUS also covered this event to share with you another aspect of Cuban cultural life.

After a year working with our Cuban partners, we have also learned a lot about how to produce and design a better magazine. Our efforts are all aimed at publishing the magazine possible and we are heading that way.

We hope you enjoy Volume 5 of CubaPLUS Magazine.