CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.08

CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.08

I'm extremely delighted to present to you issue 8 of Cubaplus magazine. Following our tradition, we are offering you a varied selection of Cuban topics and news. This time we are presenting a great deal of art and music. Our staff had to choose among a great number of Cuban musicians and artists.

As you probably know by now, Cuba is a country full of all types of musicians, most of them with great virtuosity and others yet to be discovered by the mainstream media. You only need to walk the streets of Cuban cities to be surrounded by the sounds of drums and other instruments. I have personally made the acquaintance of some of these musicians and their dedication, discipline and passion never ceases to amaze me.

We are now on the threshold of year 2009 and we feel as if this entire past year has been full of beneficial experiences. As we look back, we can only smile and think of how pleasant we have made this magazine and all the work involved in providing a high quality publication with Prensa Latina. The results are also due to their work and effort. The opening of our office in Havana is proof that we are showing the real Cuba.

We specially encourage you to explore the world of musicians and art in Cuba through the pages of the magazine. Take special notice of X Alfonso as one of Cuba's most talented musicians with a famous pedigree behind him. Also, Loreto's brushstrokes will give you images you may well soon be seeing in art galleries at home.

As for nature in this issue, Pinar del Rio Province shows us the face of some of the most beautiful landscapes in Cuba while the Salinas area harbors the most impressive collection of bird species in the Caribbean.

Please, enjoy volume 8 of Cubaplus.