CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.09

CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.09

We are extremely delighted to present to you issue 9 of Cubaplus magazine. In addition to the photos and articles on Cuban arts, fashion, medical triumphs and highlighted not-to-be-missed places that you have come to expect, in this issue we have the pleasure of offering you a panorama of the Cuban cigar world, a world greatly appreciated not only by those who love the Caribbean island but by cigar aficionados from all over the globe. Cigars in Cuba, apart from being an important source of income for the country, are also part of Cuban culture and religion. Cigars have played a role in almost all of the country's relevant historic events.

Each year Habanos S.A. , the world's leading premium cigar company, hosts a festival for distributors, specialists and lovers of the cigar presently agreed to be the best in the world. A Trade Fair and International Seminar take place within the Habanos festivities so as to provide a wide exchange of knowledge, experiences, products and ideas. Also in this issue we give you detailed information on the events to take place during the festival, as well as related information on cigars.

We also feature our traditional article on a Cuban province, this time Camaguey - that "soft land of shepherds and sombreros" - and its beautiful landscapes and architecture. In the following issues we will continue to share with you more about the real Cuba and its marvelous places and people. Some of Cuba's true treasures are its cities and beaches. In our next issue we are going to feature some of the patrimonial cities of Cuba like Cienfuegos with its architectural treasures and others. You have our promise we will continue to keep you informed of the best of them.

Please, enjoy issue 9 of Cubaplus.