CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.11

CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.11

It gives me great pleasure to present issue 11 of CubaPLUS, immediately with much thanks and gratitude to all that participated. Giving individual recognition would be a long list but in any case you know whom you are and I warmly applaud you, as we all love Cuba.

A welcome change to our readers: CubaPLUS is now offered in both French in English, as it will be in future issues. We are here highlighting Expo-Qu?bec and the Havana International Trade Fair.

Expo-Qu?bec honors Cuba this year and I hope to see you there between the 19th and 30th of August.

With over 400,000 people expected it surely will be exciting in the lovely Qu?bec City.

The Havana International Trade Fair also will be a super thrilling event and this year should be especially interesting as Cuba gets ready for another record breaking year as more people than ever will visit the island.

We also announce the signing of our contract with Cubana de Aviaci?n (Cubana Airlines). CubaPLUS is now being carried on all Cubana flights from Canada to Cuba in the seat pockets, again thanking all who participated in making this a reality.

Of course we continue to have a great Fashion presentation and to underline medical advances' in Cuba. We also suggest wonderful weekend in Las Terrazas, a must visit in Cuba, and personal visit with Manager of Hotel Moka, Leonel Guti?rrez.

It is a delight to present this issue to you and we hope you enjoy it as much as we had fun creating it.