CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.15

CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.15

I am pleased to welcome you to issue 15 of Cubaplus our Business, which will inform about business in Cuba. This issue?s release opportunely coincides with the publication by the Cuban government of a decree that widens the legal framework for residential construction by foreign investors, sets out requirements for real estate development in some tourist areas of Cuba and grants leases on state land for up to 99 years. We provide more details on this interesting topic in our pages and intend to follow up in future issues.

There is also business anticipation that the Government will open more possibilities for the Cuban people to develop their own private businesses and create employment.

As part of our business features in this issue we have started a series of articles to be continued in subsequent issues presenting Canadian businessmen who have been very successful in Cuba. This issue features Cy Tokmakjian, CEO of the second largest Canadian company represented in Cuba.


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