CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.16

CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.16

I am pleased to welcome you to Issue 16 of Cubaplus. Being part of the Cuba International Craftsmanship Fair FIART 2010 and having this issue of Cubaplus dedicated to Art in Cuba is very exciting. As a country where, just by walking its streets, you can appreciate art and culture at first glance, we are very glad to be included in this project and to keep you updated on the Cuban art scene.

On our Events and Places of Interest pages we offer you a lot to read, keeping to our tradition of being a Learning Magazine for all who want to know about the real Cuba.

In all of our Cubaplus issues we feature articles on business in Cuba, and in this issue we bring you news on the International Fair of Havana. This year was a great success, with many business opportunities, new contracts being signed, and a buzz of optimism in the air, now that the economy is on an upswing.

You will be learning some interesting things about Ernest Hemingway in this and the next few issues of Cubaplus, as he was a lover of Cuban culture and made many friends in this wonderful country where he was admired by many people.

There is also an exciting new dive site on the eastern end of Cuba offering a splendid opportunity for the adventurous diver to see war ships that have been submerged in the depths of Cuban waters for the past 100 years. This will definitely be one of the big scuba sites to be explored by all history and adventure lovers. Mark, the owner of Aquarius Scuba Diving Centre in Toronto and well-known to some of our readers, will most likely organize a future group of divers to discover this area.