CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.18

CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.18

Welcome to Issue 18 of Cubaplus magazine. As always, we have many exciting events and activities to tell you about.

As the main city and capital of Cuba, Havana is the centre of all visits to Cuba. While in the country?s capital, you should check out our article entitled A Tour of Havana as your guide to the wonders, both architectural and historic, of the city. Included is Vedado, the sensational Paseo del Prado where you can take a shaded promenade along the border between the modern and old city, Old Havana itself which is a must for any visit, the luscious and refreshing Metropolitan Park located along the Almendares River, and much, much more. If you?re particularly attracted to Gothic architecture, you?ll find an article that will help you include stunning examples of this style in your walk around Havana. 

An important upcoming event that features Havana, and which you can read about here, is the International Tourism Fair scheduled for early May. Taking place in the historic and fascinating Morro-Caba?a Complex located on the eastern side of Havana Bay, it?s dedicated to Havana and to Mexico as the Guest Country.

In this issue you?ll read about the Terry Fox Run, an event near and dear to the hearts of Canadians and Cubans alike, as is the courageous young man who inspired it. On Sunday, March 19th, Cuba celebrated its 13th annual Terry Fox Run, which takes place in every province and municipality of the country and even in isolated rural and mountain communities.

You?ll also find in our pages a feature about the 2011 Cubadisco Music Awards (May 14th to 22nd), which is another special annual event that you shouldn?t miss if you?re planning to visit Santiago de Cuba ? the birthplace of that delectable Cuban music known as son ? during the latter part of May. An international event, it?s a unique opportunity to see and hear top popular singers and bands from around the country as well as from the region.

If it?s salsa you like, check out the feature about young Cuban salsa singer-songwriter Alain Daniel, one of Cuba?s most acclaimed vocalists. You?ll be hearing more about him as time goes by ? so read about him first with Cubaplus! In addition, if you want to get an insight into why Cuba has become so well known around the world for its music as well as for its musicians, don?t miss reading about Cuba?s higher academic institutions dedicated to art and music.