CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.21

CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.21

We warmly welcome you to Issue #21 of Cubaplus magazine. Once again, we have interesting and informative articles for your reading pleasure.

This issue is dedicated to three main ?happenings? in Cuba that we?re sure you will enjoy reading about ? and experiencing if your travel plans take you to Cuba at this time. First, there is the International Tourism Fair which takes place this year in the northern keys of the Villa Clara Province. Located near the second largest coral reef in the world. These keys are quickly becoming a preferred tourist destination for those who seek the restorative mixture of land and sea, beach and water sports, and flora and fauna. Second, be sure to read about Cubadisco, a dynamic international fair in Cuba that since 1997, has brought national and international attention to what the country?s recording industry has been up to. Dedicated this year to the guitar, one of Cuba?s most emblematic instruments, you?ll find a large choice of concerts, recitals, symposia and exhibits to enrich your visit to the country.

And third, this year highlights the 20th anniversary of the founding of the International Yacht Club of Cuba. Although the main activity occurs in May, a number of activities ? boat and kayak races, fishing tournaments and other water sports and even academic conferences ? are already taking place as part of the celebration. Read about it all in Cubaplus.

But we don?t stop there. The northern keys and their natural beauty gives you only one of many glimpses into Cuba?s wealth of nature tourism that you?ll find in this issue. You can also read about bird watching in Cuba, which is increasingly attracting international attention because of the diversity of birds as well as the high level of endemic species that exist here. One of my personal favourites is the bee hummingbird, the smallest bird in the world and native to Cuba.

With more people traveling from the USA to Cuba, you may find the historic facts between the two countries interesting, and with such close proximity between Key West and Havana, it?s seems natural that the water reconnect the two countries.