CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.29

CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.29

Dear Readers,

In this edition, CubaPlus brings you two very important events. First, the International Fair of Tourism (FITCUBA), the most important event of the Cuban tourism industry, which, among other things, is a great venue for tour operators and travel agencies to engage in contracts for the next season. In addition, the traditional Ernest Hemingway International Billfishing Tournament is covered, this year being the 64th, which continues to attract anglers from all parts of the world.

A look at guided tour packages, the beauty of Topes de Collantes, a report on Sancti Spíritus soon to turn 500 years, and Paradiso agency who has worked for 20 years representing the country are also part of this edition.

Other interesting subjects that will capture the attention of nature lovers is an article on the Epargyreus Z. Estosoberon butterfly as seen by specialists on a trip through Cayo Coco, as well as ‘La Guira’ National Park in Pinar del Río.

The reader will also be captivated by the interesting history of the newly re-inaugurated 130-year old José Martí Theater as well as the the beauty of the lounges of the Capitolio, which is also in the process of being restored.

Culture is, of course, presented in this edition. Included is an interview with the sculptor and painter Jeff, an article about the photographer Arcos, the talented musical group Leyendas.COM and others.

A cultural exchange agreement between Key West and Cuba and a project by ISDI (Industrial Design Higher Institute) in the fashion pages is another interesting article.

As always, health also has its space, not to mention sports and Cuban cuisine. The Cubaplus team wishes you a great read.

Warmest regards,

Letter from the Publisher

Dominic Soave