CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.30

CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.30

Dear Readers,
Summertime is anticipated by many, a popular time to enjoy well-deserved vacation after a year of work or study.

In this edition of CubaPlus magazine the reader will find articles on a variety of activities to be enjoyed in Cuba. Some examples of nautical activities are the Ernest Hemingway International Billfishing Tournament whose 64th edition recently took place in which and I had the great pleasure to participate with our Canadian Quebec team and underwater photography contests such as Fotosub 2014 and Imasub 2014, also recently held in the provinces of Isla de la Juventud and Pinar del Río respectively.Also presented in this edition is the enchanting archipelago of Jardines del Rey, one of the most attractive destinations in Cuba. For those who like history, cultural trips to the colonial cities are offered and organized by Cubanacán.

In September Cuba will host the ExpoSial Fair (ExpoSial 2014) for the first time. Specialists from the food industry, both national and international, from producers to restaurateurs and related institutions will come together. The timing is key for the Cuban economy given the new Law on Foreign Investment. As part of the country´s focus on environmental preservation, the reader will learn about the measures adopted by a number of Cuban institutions to protect the environment.

For several weeks the extreme sport of cliff diving held the attention of locals as well as fans all over the world. Again another first for the Island, the first stop of the 2014 Cliff Diving Series took place in Old Havana.

Fashionable and original hand-painted textiles, the talents of painter René Francisco and photographer Eduardo Rodríguez Sardiñas are all displayed on our pages.

Finally, this edition brings homage to a legend of popular Cuban music, the talented musician and composer Juan Formell who recently passed away. An interview with his son Samuel Formell speaks of his father´s legacy, an icon that will remain in the hearts of the Cuban people forever.

Warmest regards,