CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.34

CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.34

Dear Readers,

The highlight of this edition is, without a doubt, the arts. As we put the
finishing touches on this volume, the 12th Havana Biennial was still on, an
event that turned this beautiful city into the world capital of plastic arts,
with the more than one hundred artists from 44 countries participating.

Practically the entire city of Havana turned into a huge exhibition. In addition to
numerous galleries and cultural centers, its streets also served as spaces for exhibitions,
as with the popular boardwalk ´el Malecón´, where a variety of different structures
were installed, including a small beach and an unusual “ice rink”, to the surprise of
children and adults, free to enjoy with original skates as though it were authentic.
Cubaplus also presents Korda, one of the biggest photographers of our times, who
who took the famous photo of the heroic guerrilla Ernesto Che Guevara.

His companion Gavilondo is also included, as well as sculptor Eulises Niebla and a
report on the choral group Vocal Luna, very well-known and appreciated in both
Cuba and Canada.

This edition also reviews the 70th anniversary of the relations between Canada and
Cuba, inlcuding their collaboration in numerous sectors of the Caribbean economy
such as tourism, electricity, nickel and agriculture.

As homage to this anniversary, and in occasion of the Biennial, a statue of Rosafé
Signet was unveiled, representing a bull sold by Canada to Cuba almost half a century
ago to contribute to the production of dairy cattle in Cuba.

As always, tourism is a key part of our magazine, this time covering the last Fitcuba
event in Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo as well as the next edition of Turnat, which will
take place in one of the most beautiful natural sceneries on the Island, Pinar del Río.
Lovers of Italian cuisine will enjoy our article on “La Casa del Cliente”, a restaurant
with excellent traditional Italian dishes and more.
Also, I can´t wait to share with you this great book that the Cubaplus team has

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Dominic Soave