CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.35

CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.35

One of the most important yearly business events in Cuba is, without a doubt, Havana’s International Fair at its EXPOCUBA office, with the participation of thousands of national and foreign exhibitors and businessmen.

This 33rd edition of the Fair, considered as one of the most important business events in Latin America and the Caribbean, has a special focus as it will be called to promote the Island’s exports, for which Cuban entrepreneurship will occupy the whole exposition area dedicated to the country of honor.

This edition also dedicates a space to FIART, an annual event to which craftsmen and artists from all over the world come to exhibit and sell their works, high in demand in Cuba and other countries.

Eastern Cuba, a wide territory rich in natural sceneries, diving sites, historical, cultural and recreative attractions, is reflected in an extensive article dedicated to five provinces that make up this area: Santiago de Cuba, Granma, Holguín, Guantánamo and Las Tunas.

Water sports are a topic we’re covering again as the opportunities to practice nautical sports in this country are endless and tourism officials are devoted to the promotion of these activities.

We cannot omit culture in Cubaplus, with the presence of important artists such as Alicia de la Campa, José Manuel García Rebustillos, Korda, Norlys Pérez in visual arts, as well as the talented curator Alaen Ledesma and well-known singer Luna Manzanares.

Fashion is in the hands of designers Guido Asenjo and Pavel López, as well as of the Boga clothes manufacturing company, which always has new surprises for those who want to be on top of the latest styles.

The 20th anniversary of the National Center of Scientific Research (CNIC), a company of great importance in the country for having developed multiple medications to fight illnesses such as diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension and many other significant ones for both Cuba and the rest of the world, is covered in this volume, as well as the Aliñao or Aliñado, a traditional drink prepared with firewater and local fruits, including a recipe you can enjoy.

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