CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.43

CubaPLUS Magazine Vol.43

Two important events are taking place as this edition of Cubaplus goes out. General elections in Cuba will see delegates elected to the municipal and provincial assemblies as well as the National Assembly and the Poder Popular (People’s Power). Secondly FIHAV, the Feria Internacional de La Habana or Havana International Fair, will bring together Cuban and international businesspeople interested in the country’s commercial opportunities.

For that reason several pieces on these important themes feature in this issue alongside many others of interest including a report on research into a new HIV vaccine being developed here in Cuba.

Meanwhile culture is well-represented as always with several pieces on prominent Cuban artists. Sculptor Ernesto Milanés and painter Niels Reyes feature together with photographers Alfredo Sarabia and Carlos Torres. In music, this edition focuses on sextet Lindiana y Mantra.

Our fashion feature this time takes an offbeat turn to look at Chueco, a brand that produces children’s sportswear for Cuba’s youngest baseball players.

We have details on upcoming events including an announcement on FIART (Feria Internacional de la Artesanía), the annual craftwork fair that will take place in Havana in December. There’s also a call for entries for the next Fiesta del Tambor percussion festival coming up in March of next year, also in the Cuban capital.

Last but not least there is a curious and delicious recipe for malanga fritters. Once you’ve tried this staple Cuban dish you’ll want to eat it again and again so it’s worth learning how to make it!.

And there’s plenty more to discover in this issue, which you can also find on our website:
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