A smile costs less than electricity and gives more light

A smile costs less than electricity and gives more light

Heritage & Traditions

By Fabiana Matamoros

A Scottish proverb says that "a smile costs less than electricity and gives more light." Certainly, with the power of this gesture, every person can achieve what they set out to do, because by offering a smile to others, they give themselves love, trust and respect. It is an act of solidarity, kindness and also simplicity.

Smiling produces many benefits: when we smile, our body releases endorphins and serotonins, two hormones that make us feel happier, less stressed and improve our mood. Smiling is part of the universal language, it is free and it helps us in many areas of life: in seduction, in professional life, in our self-esteem.

It also generates security in oneself and in others. And furthermore, it is contagious ... surely sometimes a classmate, workmate, friend or relative has been laughing out loud for some reason and without knowing it, ends up involving us in that moment of happiness.

In 1999, Harvey Ball, creator of the iconographic symbol Smiley Face or Carita Feliz, decided to proclaim World Smile Day on the first Friday of October, a date designed to be happy and bring joy to others, even for a day. For this reason, since 2005, the first Friday of October was established to celebrate with laughter.

Every year millions of people take advantage of World Smile Day to share famous phrases about smiles. As the objective of this day is to bring joy to everyone who needs it, another good way is to share images and videos that promote joy in others. The hashtag #WorldSmileDay and #DiaMundialDeLaSonrisa can be used.

In these times when humanity is worrying, because of Covid-19, the smile constitutes a fundamental combat weapon to improve the spirits of all. So don't think twice: smile! And surely your body and soul will thank you.