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Adolfo Guzmán: The luxury Cuban song

By: Alina Veranes
May 14, 2022
Adolfo Guzmán: The luxury Cuban song

Under the name of Adolfo José Guzmán González, the composer was born in Havana on May 13, 1920, a boy who over the years became one of the most outstanding composers and worshippers of the national romantic songbook, author of immortal pieces such as &I cannot be happy" and &I'll wait for you in eternity", true classics with endless versions and performers.

This dreamlike pianist maintained a fruitful career and worked almost until the time of his death, which occurred on July 30, 1976, directing orchestras on television, theaters and musical shows.

With reason, the most important composition contest of the current national song is honored with his name. He began his career after concluding his piano, composition and harmony studies, as a pianist accompanying singers, on an unstoppable journey that led him to support figures such as Libertad Lamarque with his performance, at certain times.

Since 1945 he begins to direct different orchestras in cabaret and theater, forging his versatility and prestige. Already in 1948 he was seen with his own orchestra and orchestrated for Ignacio Villa, the famous Bola de Nieve and the Mexican star Jorge Negrete.

The 1960s saw the foundation of leading quartets of stellar singers in the country and as director of the famous Riverside orchestra. He makes major forays into musical theater. His compositions as an author are known, of undeniable quality, since the late 1930s, with Luna del congo, and others such as Tu voz, Vuelve, Acapulco, Mi corazón y yo, Esta noche … that speak of his invincible romantic feeling, always transmitted through a work of great melodic and poetic beauty.

His extensive repertoire is a treasure, and it would be impossible to cite even in these lines. Although his strength was the love song seen in the most usual style, he made songs with patriotic content, hymns and incidental music, also of great value. His artistic creation was profoundly Cuban, with a national identity, according to experts, that comes from the depths of his being. Glory to Adolfo Guzman.

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