Appetizers, starters or snacks... they can't be missing!

Appetizers, starters or snacks... they can't be missing!


By Alina Veranes

Although some take it as a fact and others think that it is still a celebration to conquer on a planetary level, more and more people are joining the celebrations for the World Day of the Appetizer, on the date of September 19.

No one can deny the popularity gained everywhere by these little delicacies or temptations of the light food with which we treat ourselves while socializing in a wonderful way, almost always shortly before a copious lunch or sumptuous dinner, and more, if it is a meeting between friends or family, the same at home as in a restaurant. In Cuba it is a long-standing custom to "snack" and eat salty or starters, such as they are also called.

Although some get overwhelmed by tasting these cute little things -that's how a friend said- of Cuban cuisine. Almost all of them have their attention set on leaving enough space for the main banquet, the main reason for the invitation, something very difficult to achieve, but it is achieved, loosening belts and taking a deep breath.

Even so, I think that Cuban appetizers tend to be lighter than those described in other nations and include not only solid food and salads, but also cocktails prepared with the inevitable Cuban rum and fruit juices without alcohol and little sugar, which are being promoted lately for the sake of not harming health

You know, prevent high cholesterol and diabetes is not bad at all. Among the Creole appetizers, the tamales, the green plantain tostones, fried malanga, pork cracklings, green plantain crackers, meat balls or the famous chicken croquettes... the inevitable chicken salad with mayonnaise, cubes of cheese, sometimes there are the luxuries of battered shrimp, skewers with ham and cheese, and mixed fruit salad.

The list would be much longer, depending on the preference for fried starters (fritangas) or green salads and fruits, they are very marked by the season of the year in which the festive meeting takes place.

They say that the word appetizer comes from late Latin and means something like "tends to open" It is understood that in his case it is our appetite. Many love the appetizers, not only because they facilitate the social fluidity of the celebration, but also because they are usually very refreshing, satiating and giving a note of joy and color to the moment.