Authenticity of Cuban spas stand out

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Authenticity of Cuban spas stand out

Sometimes we desperately seek what is legitimately national, that no one can take us away, and these are places of great value to raise the quality of life of people, both national and foreign, said De Armas. According to the official, nature did not put oil in the subsoil, but it filled us with prodigious water, especially thermal or mineral, to use. For this reason, he insisted on the need for the integration of all those involved, for the value that the promotion of health tourism and the development of thermal centers have for the national economy. The occasion was propitious for the president of the Cuban Society of Medical Hydrology, Rafael Ledesma, to signify the importance of mineral-medicinal muds or peloids for aesthetics and health. According to Ledesma, our mud is totally ecological and natural and has a mineral component, which allows our skin to metabolize and grow properly. Therefore, important steps are taken for its export, based on the enormous reserve that we have. We have more than 100 years of reserves to exploit our peloide, with the capacity to commercialize around 40 tons annually, he said. In the context of the event, also the director of Traditional Natural Medicine (MNT) in the Ministry of Public Health, Johan Perdomo, reflected on the actions to develop that specialty on the island from the formation of human resources. On the other hand, the participants exchanged - in addition - on: Medical hydrology for a satisfactory longevity, Strategies for the development of rehabilitation in Cuba and Construction and remodeling of the thermal centers. The Symposium was held parallel to the VIII Congress of the Cuban Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Rehabilitation 2017).

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