Bibijagua, a black sand beach

Bibijagua, a black sand beach


By Coco Simpson

About 8 kilometers from Nueva Gerona in the special municipality of Isla de la Juventud, south of Cuba, Bibijagua Beach is located, differentiated from the rest of the existing ones in Cuba for the black color of its sands.

This coastline was always used as a beach due to this very special and unusual characteristic, which is why it is a great attraction for visitors. In the world there are other black sand beaches of volcanic origin, but in the case of Cuba, this is not the reason for the peculiar color of its sands, as they were formed by the erosive action of the waves and the rain on black marble rocks from the Bibijagua mountain range.

They have a very fine and shiny grain, compact when wet, so that in the area near the water it is possible to walk as if it were on solid ground. Playa Bibijagua is very close to what used to be the Model Presidium –current museum-, where Cuban leader Fidel Castro and other revolutionary participants in the assault on the Moncada Barracks between 1953 and 1955. In the spa, plastic artists from different parts of the country erected, in large format and with the technique of direct carving in marble, ten sculptures, as a result of the 2nd Black Sands National Sculpture Symposium.

It is a place with a calm and familiar atmosphere for those who prefer direct contact with nature. The tonality of its sands is really due to the presence of heavy mineral grains, components that make Bibijagua a beach of great uniqueness in the world, whose beauty and transparency of its waters make it even more charming.

In Bibijagua Beach there is a hotel and recreational infrastructure made up of the modern Hotel Arenas Negras with some thirty cabins and other services. For the accommodation of those who prefer and love nature, the practice of water sports, walks and competitions are among the options at the Arenas Negras Popular Camping.