Canadian interest in vacationing in Cuba grows

Canadian interest in vacationing in Cuba grows



The Canadian airline OWG will begin flying to Cuba in November and will connect the cities of Montreal and Toronto with the tourist resorts of Jardines del Rey, Cayo Santa María and Holguín, announced the Corporación Cubana de Aviación S.A. on its Twitter account.

This increases the possibilities for Canadian tourists to travel to the largest of the Antilles, from September 4, Air Canada Vacations has regularized its itineraries to Jardines del Rey, in the north of the island, with weekly flights from Montreal, and it plans to do so soon from Toronto as well.

One of the conditions that make the growing interest of Canadian vacationers in Cuba possible is the fact that the keys remain open to international tourism and that in Jardines del Rey the hotel, non-hotel, marine and transportation services facilities are certified with the Tourism + Hygienic and Safe condition, according to information published by the Ministry of Tourism on its Twitter account.

Just a few days ago, Patricia Maheux, one of the first Canadian tourists who arrived on the island on September 4, together with her husband to enjoy vacations in Cayo Coco said, “I consider the hotel stay at Memories Flamenco Beach Resort very good”, not only because of the tranquility they enjoyed during the week they stayed there, but also because of the good service and security they found.

Canada has been the first outbound market sending vacationers to Cuba for several years. In 2019, over one million travelers from that country enjoyed vacationing on the island, especially in sun and beach destinations.