Canadian products for Cuban cuisine

Canadian products for Cuban cuisine


Text and photos: Cubaplus

A new option for gastronomy in Cuba opens with the presence of top quality Canadian products available to consumers of the Caribbean Island in the virtual store of the Canadian Food Wholesaler entity, through an agreement with the Palco Business Group.

The Quebec-Cuba Food Fair, held from December 10 to 12 at the Club Habana, showed the diversity of acquisition possibilities offered by this online mode as of January next year, including ingredients such as meat and pasta, sauces, spices, drinks, snacks and kitchen accessories.

To exemplify the fusion variants between Canadian products and Cuban cuisine, the chef of La Calesa Real restaurant, Luis Batlle, made appetizing preparations based on beef, chicken breast and duck foie, with sweet notes, pepper and mushrooms sauce, cider and wines, among other components.

They are products of the highest quality, Chef Batlle told Cubaplus, with whom you can dream, you can create, you can invent a dish, and it is important, above all, to have them when needed.

Cuba, he said, is a tourist destination that fascinates everyone, and actions like this are important for the development of gastronomic activity, both for private restaurants and for the state sector.

The site offers the possibility of buying Canadian food and equipment, whose import and delivery in this country is in charge of Palco.

The conference was attended by, among others, executives of Canadian Food Wholesaler, Canadian chef Allen Lefebvre, the ambassador of the northern nation, Perry John Calderwood, the president of the Palco Group, Abraham Maciques, and the head of the Cuban Federation of Culinary Associations, Eddy Fernández.