Causeway Caibarién-Key Santa María: bathed by Northern Caribbean Sea

Causeway Caibarién-Key Santa María: bathed by Northern Caribbean Sea

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By Rose Ross

The causeway that unites the town of Caibarién with Key Santa María, both part of Villa Clara province, is the largest of its kind in Cuba and the world. Its length exceeds 40 km and constitutes, in addition, the access road to other smaller cays and islets in northern Cuba such as Las Brujas, Español de Adentro, Ensenachos and Majá.

It was built during the decade of 1989 to 1999, in a hardworking civil engineering project divided by stages according to distances and for its construction one of the principles taken into account was respect and care for the environment.

The journey becomes a promenade guarded by the Caribbean Sea, during which you can enjoy the wonderful environment that nature provides.

Flora and fauna enrich the landscape of this maritime ecosystem in which numerous species inhabit the place such as the pink flamingo and other varieties of birds and fish that live in the mangroves that surround the region.

These beauties turn the road into a pleasant journey before reaching the resort of sun and beach for visitors.

The hotels in the tourist resort are managed by foreign hotel chains including Meliá, Blue Diamond, Iberostar, Golden Tulip and Valentín, among which stand out: the Meliá Buena Vista, Sol Cayo Santa María, Meliá Las Dunas, Starfish Cayo Santa María, Memories Paraíso and Valentín Perla Blanca.

Embraced by the blessed circumstance of water everywhere, the relevance of the causeway has been such that it was deserving, among other recognitions, as the "Alcántara Bridge" international award for the "Best Ibero-American Civil Work" in its Seventh Call 1998-2000. A curiosity related to this road above the sea is that the opening scene of the eighth episode of the film series "Fast and Furious" was filmed here in 2017.