Centennial of the Latin Institute of Music celebrated with online  events

Centennial of the Latin Institute of Music celebrated with online events



The Latin Institute of Music (ILM) celebrated the centennial of its foundation on Sunday with online events in several Latin American countries, due to the difficult epidemiological situation facing the world due to the new coronavirus affecting the planet for over a year.

A press release from the institution indicates that the ILM was created a few months after the end of the Mexican Revolution, a civil war that lasted a decade, and that despite the consequences of that conflict, then-president Álvaro Obregón supported the initiative of a group of visionary artists who founded it in the former Federal District, on February 21, 1921.

Between 1922 and 1924, with the appearance of radio stations, the work of the ILM covered all of Mexico and by the 1930s, with talkies, it reached a score of Latin American nations, which contributed to the Central American nation reaching to be the most important platform for artists in the Spanish language.

In the early stages, professional singers such as Pedro Infante, Benny Moré, Rosa Fornés, Libertad Lamarque and Sara Montiel stood out. In 2018, the statement adds, a new generation, led by doctors Matías Romero and Daniel Martín, reestablished it, resuming the vigour of the best times of the 20th century.

With the creation of the children's division that brought the character TITO REACCIONA (R) it became an important spokesperson for the Mexican educational system.

Although the festivities and the centennial congress have been postponed indefinitely until COVID-19 is defeated, in Ibero-America about twenty events and festivals dedicated to the century of existence of the ILM were held.

The next event, "A Tempo con Caturla", from March 2 to 7, will be held by Cuba, country where the ILM is represented by Maestro Edesio Alejandro, 2020 National Music Award.