Chocolate, a natural product that deserves celebration

Chocolate, a natural product that deserves celebration

Heritage & Traditions

By Irasema Pessoa

The earth provides the human being with infinite benefits, some of them essential for the maintenance of life, others, designed to enchant the senses.

Such is the case of chocolate, a product derived from cocoa, a delight for the palate. Its origin dates back to the Mayans in Mexico, although it was the Aztecs who began to speak of xocoatl. 

Every September 13, since 1995, International Chocolate Day has been celebrated in tribute, on the day of his birth, to Roald Dahl, author of such well-known titles as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The date had the support of the United States, since on that same day, Milton S. Hershey, founder and owner of the Hershey Chocolate Company, was born. 

The main cocoa producers are developing countries of Africa and South America, which enjoy a tropical climate, essential for its cultivation. However, the main chocolate traders are The Netherlands, United States, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. Bars, chocolates, truffles and other forms are highly consumed products worldwide.

  Several researches highlight that chocolate has properties that contribute to health: it reduces the chances of cardiovascular problems, helps blood vessels to open and, therefore, lowers blood pressure, improves skin and prevents aging; prevents depression, favors memory and mood, among other benefits. 

A curious fact is that white chocolate does not exist. It is actually a mixture of cocoa butter, condensed milk, and sugar. It does not matter if it is white, black, with milk, nuts, or any variant ... today is a good time to celebrate with a delicious cup of hot chocolate, a bonbon or dare to bake a chocolate cake.