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Coffee multiple aromas pemeate the event in Santiago de Cuba

By: CubaPLUS Magazine
Sep 21, 2022
Coffee multiple aromas pemeate the event in Santiago de Cuba

Under the auspices of Casa Dranguet, Center for Interpretation and Dissemination of the Coffee Cultural Heritage, "Cuban Coffee: culture, identity and heritage event" is being held today in this city and ends next October.

With its sights set on next October 1, International Coffee Day, the meeting encourages the approach to diverse edges of this crop and proposes, with online sessions, its communicating vessels with women, entrepreneurship and music.

According to the Sierra Maestra newspaper, a significant moment will be the exchange with the young Sheila Castro, who leads a business based on the manufacture and sale of handicrafts, cosmetics and other products from natural elements, coffee derivatives among them.

The green leaf is the name of the initiative, which has achieved acceptance in this city with its proven virtues in favor of the skin and the elimination of cellulite, inflammation and dark circles.

Another interesting encounter will be with Work Hero Francisca Holder Ges, a world-renowned coffee taster from the city of Guantánamo.

In what was the home of landowner Carlos Dranguet, located in the historic urban center, the cultural institution that became the epicenter in the city of the &Ways of Coffee International Project and the archaeological site of French coffee plantations, declared a World Heritage site.

Located between this eastern province and that of Guantánamo, there are 171 old agricultural emporiums that hold the significant status and the Office of the City Conservator applies an integrated management plan and management of that landscape that is organized in circuits one and two.

The first, corresponding to the Gran Piedra, includes La Idalia, La Isabelica, La Gran Sofía, Las Mercedes and La Siberia coffee plantations, while the second, Fraternidad, includes the one of that name and those of San Felipe, San Juan of Scotland, San Luis de Jacas and Santa Paulina.

With the cooperation of the Franco-Belgian Malongo Foundation and the European Union (EU), Los Caminos del Café contributes to the preservation of those material and spiritual treasures that also include the French Tomb La Caridad de Oriente as a World Heritage Site.

(With information from Prensa Latina)

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