Collateral Prize giving Ceremony of Cinema Festival in Cuba

Collateral Prize giving Ceremony of Cinema Festival in Cuba

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Works of Chile and Cuba dominated most of the Collateral Prizes of the 39th International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema, presented in this capital. 

The Cuban Association of the Movie Media awarded los perros (Chile, France), by Marcela Said, and the Martín Luther King Memorial Centre granted its Prize, Routes, to mala junta (Chile), by Claudia Huaiquimilla. 

While the full length movie una mujer fantástica (Chile, United States, Germany, Spain), by Sebastián Lelio, received the Prize, Joint us, of the United Nations System in Cuba. 

The International School of Cinema and Television (EICTV) located in Cuba decided to award the half-length movie el pacto de Adriana (Chile), by Lissette Orozco, a work that also received the Documentary Prize, Memory, shared with Pizarro (Colombia), by Simon Hernández. 

The Cultural Centre Pablo de la Torriente Brau, in charge of the last mentioned laurel, granted a Special Prize to the documentary el proyecto (Cuba), by Alejandro Alonso. 

On the other hand, Havana Cuba Radio chose as favorite la cordillera (Argentina, France, Spain), by Santiago Mitre which in the same way obtained the prize to the full length of fiction through the cyber vote from the Cinema and the Audiovisual Latin American and Caribbean Portal, of the New Latin American Cinema Foundation. 

Other prizes from this institution went to dedo en la herida (Brazil), by Silvio Tendler, in the Documentary section; and la novia del desierto (Argentina, Chile), by Valeria Pivaro and María Cecilia Atan, in the First Work section. 

The Cuba National Federation of Film Societies granted its Prize, Megano, to the documentary Gloria City (Cuba), by Isabel Santos, also honored by the Cuba Association of Cinema, Radio and Television, integral association of the Cuba Writers and Artists Union (UNEAC). 

In the same way they coincided in decision, in favor of the Colombo-Argentinean movie matar a Jesus, by the director Laura Mora, the Cuban cultural organization Casa de las Americas and Latin Press, the Latin American Informative Agency, who gave its prize Glauber Rocha. 

The second head quarter of the International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema in Mantanzas had an inclination toward the half-length film yo soy Malu (Cuba), by the director Mayra Álvarez, and the Cuban Association of the Audiovisual gave its Prize, Vitral, to Sergio & Serguei (Cuba), by Ernesto Daranas. 

The Culture Association of the Cuba Journalists Union (UPEC) selected the short length film atrapado (Cuba), by Daniel Chile, and the United Nations Childhood Fund (UNICEF) chose temporada de caza (Argentina, United States, France and Germany), by Natalia Garagiola. 

The Agrarian University of Havana kept in mind a decolonization focus and the condemn to the necessity of put an end to the poverty, to give its Prize, Pangea, to Arabia (Brazil), by Affonso Uchoa and Joao Paulo Dumans Guedes. 

On the other hand, the Prize, Don Quijote, of the International Federation of Movie Societies was at the hands of Jimena Montemayor for restos de viento (Mexico).