Cuba celebrates the 61st anniversary of tourism after 1959

Cuba celebrates the 61st anniversary of tourism after 1959



Cuba celebrates this Friday the 61st anniversary of tourism, date on which the National Institute of the Tourism Industry was created in 1959, according to an official report.

According to the ministry of the sector (MINTUR), as of 2019, regarding the date, November 20 was established as the Day of Cuban Tourism, the most dynamic sector of the national economy, which in 2019 received more than 4, 3 million visitors.

On this occasion, the document indicates the celebration is specially dedicated to the 40th Anniversary of Popular Camping, which will be celebrated in May, 2021.

In the current moment that humanity is experiencing due to the new coronavirus pandemic, it is important to highlight the efforts made by the largest of the Antilles related to the reactivation of tourism, after about 7 months of paralysis.

During that period, the workers, together with the authorities of that sector of the country, worked hard to use the time without operations in the improvement of the facilities, as well as in the adoption of important sanitary measures to preserve the health of visitors and employees.

That is why since the reopening to international tourism on July 1, in the northern keys of the archipelago and, later, in other poles, including the Varadero resort, the so-called industry without chimneys is marching safely and smoothly, towards recovery.

On behalf of the Cubaplus magazine, I would like to congratulate all tourism workers for their achievements during the difficult stage they have had to live and on such an important date.