Cuba keeps vital Varadero resort thanks to biosecurity protocols

Cuba keeps vital Varadero resort thanks to biosecurity protocols


Prensa Latina

The tourist activity in the Varadero resort, the largest and most important in Cuba, maintains today vitality thanks to biosecurity protocols applied to benefit vacationers and employees, a directive of the sector assured.

Ivis Fernandez, a lawmaker of the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR) in the western province of Matanzas, currently in a phase of limited native transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, pointed out that the measures are adjusted to the hygienic-sanitary needs of fighting against the pandemic.

During a meeting here of the Provincial Defense Council, Fernandez emphasized the discipline of managers and workers to take care of the health, both of the people and of the economy, the latter needing to maintain the services in a branch considered strategic.

She recalled that among the attributes best valued in the Varadero area by vacationers, tour operators and travel agents is security, which takes on new meanings in Covid-19 times.

To that effect -she indicated- the MINTUR and the Ministry of Public Health received the Tourism+Hygienic and Safe Certification (T+HS) that is granted to hotels and services respecting physical distancing and have the necessary means of cleaning and disinfection.

T+HS also values the daily control of health and body temperature, and maintain clinical-epidemiological surveillance during the stay of customers in the facilities of the known 'industry without chimneys', Fernandez explained.

'It is essential in the fight against Covid-19 the recent update of protocols for travelers who arrive in Cuba, among them, a negative result of PCR, test to which they will also be submitted free of charge when they arrive in Cuban airports,' she pointed out.

Fernandez stressed the importance of the stay in hotels of basic health groups integrated by doctors, nurses and epidemiologists, who provide security to the vacationers, alongside a welfare infrastructure where the International Clinic stands out.

'Generating trust to those who decide to go to Varadero as a leisure destination, as well as promoting and controlling the fulfillment of hygiene, health and security protocols, are priorities of the tourist activity in Cuba,' the legislator underscored.

Varadero, located in the Hicacos peninsula, on the northern coast of Matanzas, some 140 kilometers east of Havana, has a hotel network with over 22,000 rooms and a wide range of recreational options, especially those dedicated to sailing.