Cuba specifies anti-Covid-19 health protocols for travelers

Cuba specifies anti-Covid-19 health protocols for travelers

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Cubaplus courtesy of Prensa Latina

The National Director of Epidemiology of Cuba, Francisco Durán, explained today the action protocol to travelers arriving in the country, who will be tested PCR for Covid-19 in the terminal itself aerial.

Civil aviation authorities announced just a few days ago that the operations of the José Martí International Airport in Havana will be resumed next Sunday, although the rest of the country's air terminals have already started their work.

After leaving the air terminal, the tourist or Cuban resident will go to the desired place, hotel, and address or rental house and there must remain with limited movement while waiting for the results of the diagnostic test.

Each newcomer to the country will be monitored by health authorities, in case of being at home or in a rental house, the family doctor's team will monitor the health of the visitor and if they are positive for the disease, proceed with the protocols established regarding confirmed cases and their contacts.

The test will be repeated five days after the first test to confirm the diagnosis, Durán added after recalling that at the time of arrival a person may not be detected the virus if they have it.

When asked about the availability of PCR tests in the face of the flood of visitors, he stressed that the country has diagnostic tests in spite of the cost of their acquisition.

It is also supported by the opening of several molecular biology laboratories throughout the country, centers that currently number 17, with the increase in daily real-time PCR to identify infections.

This is part of a health strategy for the control and management of the disease on the island. The specialist considered it essential to draw attention once again to the care and individual protection of citizens before the arrival of travelers.