Are Cuban citrus back?

Charly Morales Valido, on: Environment
Are Cuban citrus back?

Cuba used to be known by its production of fruits and citrus. The island even sent tons of grapefruit and orange to East-Europe market centuries ago... Then came the so-called Special Period, no buyers, no resources, no chance against plagues, and having a helthy meal got kinda rough...

But, hey... great news!!!


The Cuban Institute of Tropical Fruticulture Research is developing strategies in order to boost production of citrus and other fruits. The investigations point to plantation yielding and raise the quality of the fruits destined to consumption by the population, industry, tourism and for exports.

There is a huge investment to protect crop houses and nurseries, and to get certified leaf buds of citrus, in order to renew in about two years the areas dedicated to fruit crops in the island, to increase production. Cuba needs to have healthy crops, because there's a world demand for pineapple, mango, avocado and other products.

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