Cuban Medical Services Presents Opportunities for International Tourism

Cuban Medical Services Presents Opportunities for International Tourism

The Cuban Medical Services Marketing Division (CSMC) puts a total of 280 programs of attention in almost all specialties for medical treatment and quality of life for all foreigners visiting Cuba, said the President of this entity, Miladys Orraca.

When speaking in the second day of the 39th International Tourism Fair (FITCUBA), the executive comprehensively explained the potentialities of CSMC to attend foreign clients who visit Cuba to receive medical treatments and added that specialists  of the Island have wide experience, evidenced in the over 50 years of cooperation in about 60 countries of the five continents.

“Today, she affirmed, we are present in 23 countries, receiving our professionals a preparation which includes knowledge of their cultures and idiosyncracies, aspects that contribute an additional value to the level of our professionals in the attention to patients of other nationalities”.

Cuba, she continued, has 13 subsidiaries for the attention of foreign visitors and manages five specialized clinics, international health clinics, medical consultations in tourism complexes, drug stores and optician stores.

As part of the programs for medical attention, she mentioned those for cancer treatment, for patients with diabetes, audiology services, including auditive prosthesis, particularly for children with hearing problems, as well as comprehensive attention to addictions, among many others.

She added further on the issue that CSMC, consequently with the perspective of growing tourism this year, has given priority to consolidating the strategic Alliance with the Ministry of Tourism based on the use of natural bounties of the greater of the Antilles and the high professional level of medical and paramedical personnel.

Through that alliance, together with the Cuban Trade Chamber, we propose to develop resorts, health centers and ambulance air transportation services, among others, for which CSMC is open to foreign investors that bet, together with Cuban medical services, on health tourism, as one of the fastest-growing services worldwide.

The 39th International Tourism Fair, scheduled to end next May 11 in the colonial fortress Morro Cabaña, has Spain as honored guest and as its main purpose of looking for new business opportunities and is dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the Cuban capital.


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