Cuban science celebrates its day

Cuban science celebrates its day

Health & Medicine

By Mercy Ramos

With intense and important research work to achieve antidotes capable of combating the dangerous virus that today constitutes Sars-Cov 2, Cuban scientists celebrate their day this Friday.

This day was instituted in 1990, when three decades before, the leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, defined the importance of the role of science in the development of the country.

"The future of our country must necessarily be a future of men of science, a future of men of thought," said the maximum Cuban leader on January 15, 1960, at the auditorium of the Academy of Medical, Physical and Natural Sciences of Havana, current headquarters of the National Museum of History of Science and Technology.

During his speech, the revolutionary leader outlined the policy of human training and professional and scientific development of the Revolution. Many have been the achievements of Cuban science in just over six decades, including an infant mortality rate of 4.9 per thousand live births last year, placing it in the first place in the Americas region and among the top 20 nations of the world with the lowest infant mortality.

Cuban scientists and researchers have managed in that time, to eliminate 14 infectious diseases on the island, in addition, 118 clinical trials have been carried out, of which about 50% are related to the first four causes of death in the country.

Also, biotechnology research has made it possible to develop new drugs and vaccines, including one against lung cancer, which is of utmost importance for patients suffering the disease.

At present, Cuban science is involved in, perhaps, the most important battle in contemporary history and that is to achieve a vaccine to combat Covid-19 which has claimed the lives of two million people on the planet.

Soberana 1 and 2, Mambisa and Abdala are the Cuban vaccine candidates currently in the phase of human clinical trials.

All this commendable work reflects the altruistic effort of Cuban men and women of science and ratifies the statement that the future of Cuba is ... "necessarily a future of men of science" ... Congratulations from Cubaplus magazine to all Cuban scientists.