Cuban theater group prepares concert with Latin American poetry

Cuban theater group prepares concert with Latin American poetry

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Cubaplus courtesy of Prensa Latina

Soñar con los ojos abiertos' (Dreaming with your eyes open) is the title of a concert with poems by prestigious Cuban and Latin American authors, which is currently being prepared by the famous puppeteer group from the Teatro de Las Estaciones of Matanzas.

The show includes works by Cubans Jose Marti, Nicolas Guillen and Mirta Aguirre, Mexicans Amado Nervo and Francisco Gabilondo, Teresa Crespo from El Salvador, Edgar Allan Garcia, from Ecuador, Heriberto Trejo, from Peru, and Carmen Lyra, from Costa Rica, among others.

The music of the young soprano and actress Lucelsy Fernandez and the Vida quintet, as well as actors, dancers and the dolls from the Las Estaciones repertoire, created more than a quarter of a century ago in Matanzas are accompanying this endeavor.

The rehearsals continue under the conditions imposed by the epidemiological situation due to the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, so that the function is ready for the indicated time, as the Provincial Center for Performing Arts stated.

Las Estaciones, headquartered is the Matanzas theater Pepe Carril, is directed by the well-known playwright Ruben Dario Salazar, while the doll designer is Zenen Calero, both awarded in 2020 with the National Theater Prize.