Cuban tourist destination reports an increase in cruise tourism

Cuban tourist destination reports an increase in cruise tourism

 The arrival of more than 340 cruise tourists during the current season confirms the increase of this type of tourist activity in the city of Trinidad, located in the south center of Cuba and declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity since 1988. 

Since October so far about ten arrivals were reported and the management territorial office estimates that during January will be register 13 entrances, meanly of the companies Variety Cruises, from Greece, the American Pearl Seas and the French Du Ponant. 

According to the information, Trinidad consolidates since several years ago like destination for this type of tourism because of its historical and cultural values and the beautiful nature of the southern city, located to 340 kilometers to the east of Havana. 

Among its attractiveness, the third village founded in Cuba by the Spanish colonists, possesses a well preserved urban historical center, characterized particularly by the colonial stage’s architectural progress of the 16th and 17th centuries. 

The Sugar Mill Valley, in the open space also encircles tens of constructions which evidence the most sugar industry successful of the 18th century, declared by the UNESCO, Cultural Heritage together with the Trinidad’s historical old part of the city. 

The journey of the visitors in the top period of cruise arrivals, extended between October and April, begins in the morning and finishes shortly before the evening and includes both places: the city and the Valley. 

At the moment the main cruise companies which operate in Cuba are Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line (RCCL), Norwegian Cruise Line Holding (NCLH) and Pearl Seas LLP. The relationships with all of them have demonstrated satisfactory results for the biggest island of the Antilles.

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