December 3: International Doctor's Day

December 3: International Doctor's Day

Health & Medicine

By Julia Muñoz

On December 3, International Doctor's Day is celebrated to honor the birthday of Carlos J. Finlay, a Cuban scientist who discovered the yellow fever mosquito.

In addition, the date becomes a tribute to all medical professionals who, day by day, strive to provide medical care to the population in all parts of the world. The celebration, of what was initially called Pan American Doctor's Day, was born in 1946 thanks to the Pan American Medical Confederation.

These professionals are specialists in the area of ​​medicine, who are in charge of diagnosing and treating multiple pathologies and diseases with the intention of improving the health and, therefore, the quality of life of their patients.

Doctors are seen as true heroes in today's society. In these moments, when the world is going through difficult times, its work and great effort to save lives, puts more in force than ever, the so-called Hippocratic Oath, which establishes the immense love and passion of service that every person who dedicates himself to cure body ills must have.

There are some NGOs that deserve special recognition for all the effort they have made, not only in the face of the health emergency that the entire planet is experiencing due to COVID-19, but forever. 

There are thousands of volunteer doctors who have put their lives at risk to help others through the implementation of contingency plans and, thus, face different circumstances that occur on the planet.

Such is the case of the Cuban Henry Reeve medical brigade, which, in its three decades since its creation, has provided services in 46 nations and five non-autonomous territories. It has provided medical care to approximately 4 million people and saved the lives of more than 89,000.

May the most sincere congratulations from the CubaPLUS collective reach all the specialists in this branch of science, on this, International Doctor's Day.