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Cuban Creole cuisine, pride of all nationals of the Greater Antilles, was declared Cultural Heritage of the nation for being part of the national identity.

The decision of this important recognition was announced during the last day of the VII edition of the International Culinary Festival (Culinary 2019), concluded here after five days of sessions in the Havana Convention Center.

Eddy Fernandez, President of the Culinary Federation of Cuba, received the precious recognition from the President of the National Council of Cultural Heritage, Gladys Collazo, who expressed that the kitchen in Cuba is the result of the transculturation process that took place in the country and in which the aboriginal, Hispanic, African, French, Franco-Haitian, Chinese and American cultural heritage intervenes.

It is, he said next, a cultural expression that includes the knowledge and practices transmitted from one generation to another, associated with traditional processes of agricultural, livestock and fisheries production, techniques and procedures for food processing, including drinks and meals, and the act of consuming food and its spaces of socialization.

For his part, Fernandez expressed his satisfaction with such recognition that distinguishes the legacy of generations, the culinary guild and the families that have made cooking an art and that with imagination and creativity update recipes and create new dishes with the products at your fingertips.

. With this heritage banner, he added, a symbol of the best of our heritage, we are obliged to create, to guide, to lead an authentic, renovating Cuban cuisine that preserves the best of our traditions.

Culinary 2019 was attended by about 300 delegates from 26 countries, who were able to update knowledge about healthy and sustainable cuisine, as well as the use of coffee, chocolate and wine as food.

The closing session was attended by the Minister of Tourism of Cuba, Manuel Marrero, the Minister of Internal Trade, Betsy Díaz; as well as with Cornelia Volin, general secretary of the World Association of Chefs and the general director of the World Association of Chefs Societies, Ratganer Fridkirisson.