Endemic Bird Festival is held in Cuba in a peculiar way

Endemic Bird Festival is held in Cuba in a peculiar way

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The Festival of Endemic Birds of the Caribbean (FAEC), which is celebrated every year in Cuba from April 22 to May 22, will also be held on this occasion, but in a peculiar way, due to the difficult conditions imposed on the world by the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

This initiative, launched in 2002 at the proposal of the BirdsCaribbean society, recognized as the largest non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to the conservation of wild birds and their habitat in the insular Caribbean, has the fundamental objective of promoting the knowledge about endemic birds in the subregion and their conservation through education.

In the largest of the Antilles, the FAEC is organized by a group of professors from the Biology faculty of the University of Havana, headed by Dr. Lourdes Mugica, full professor and by Dr. Martín Acosta, researcher emeritus, who are in charge of coordinating the festival.

Regarding this meeting, Dr. Mugica pointed out that this year, even with all the existing limitations due to the current pandemic the country is going through, we could not ignore the Festival and we looked for an alternative to do it through social networks.

The Birds of Cuba Group in Facebook was in charge of launching the call that includes dedicating each day of the festival to a specific bird.

This has been very well received and already has numerous participants who connect Facebook from their homes, numerous images of endemic birds of Cuba, offering information about them, scientific explanations, comments and debating the life and characteristics of each of them.

The initiative to carry out the festival through social networks started from the Msc. Karen Aguilar Mugica who said: “We are very grateful, for the high number of participants, follow-up and interest aroused by this festival alternative. We did not expect such acceptance. It has been an infinite joy because we have been able to reach homes like a balm in these difficult times of confinement we have had to live.

The date from April 22 to May 22 was chosen, because Earth Day and Biodiversity Day are celebrated around the world on those days, respectively.