FARMACUBA: facilitator of biopharmaceutical exports in Cuba

FARMACUBA: facilitator of biopharmaceutical exports in Cuba

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By Cary Quintana, Photos Tito Meriño

Firm among the world leaders in marketing pharmaceutical goods, services and products, FARMACUBA is the Import-Export Company of the Biotechnological and Pharmaceutical Industries of Cuba (BioCubaFarma).

Currently, its Export Business Unit is immerse in the foreign marketing strategy of its product portfolio, led by the MSc. Miguel Ángel Malboa Quintero, together with a commercial study group.

Among the Cuban products in greatest demand at the international level are several generic drugs produced by various national laboratories belonging to the BioCubaFarma group, such as the National Center for Biopreparations (BioCen), Empresa 8 de Marzo, the Center for Placental Histotherapy and the National Center National for production of laboratory animals (Cenpalab).

The BioCen produces the antiallergic Valergen, Trofin and Biomodulin T, recently used as part of the medicine protocol against Covid-19 disease, which has made it a leading export product in the biopharmaceutical sector.

The products of the Placental Histotherapy Center, derived from the human placenta, whose function is therapeutic and cosmetic, have also been positioned in the foreign market. Among them, Melagenin Plus for the treatment of vitiligo, the Biopla dietary supplement, and cosmetic Amniotherapy are the most demanded.

FARMACUBA's Export Business Unit is constantly updated; the new conditions and the growth of biopharmaceutical production volumes make it possible to open up to the foreign market and thereby contribute to the country's economy.