Formally registered to the Nobel Peace Prize Cuban medical brigade

Formally registered to the Nobel Peace Prize Cuban medical brigade

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The Cuban Henry Reeve medical brigade, whose members have selflessly collaborated in more than 40 countries and five non-autonomous territories in three decades of creation, has just been formally registered as aspirant to the Nobel Peace Prize.

According to information released by the Cuban media, a representation of dozens of national peace committees in approximately 100 countries signed the request letter sent to the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

The candidacy was formally registered by the World Council for Peace, after highlighting the great challenges of Covid-19 and the essential role of international solidarity played in the face of this emergency.

In this regard, Cuban president, Miguel Díaz Canel Bermudez, highlighted on his Twitter account the internationalist attitude of the Cuban people and recalled the words of the historical leader Fidel Castro who advocated for "doctors and not bombs" that reflects the altruistic spirit of the island.

According to official statistics, in its 15 years of work, more than 9,000 doctors and paramedics, organized into 71 brigades, have provided medical care to some four million people and saved more than 89,000 lives.

These results earned the brigade the award Dr Lee Jong-wook Memorial Prize for Public Health, awarded by the World Health Organization (WHO) and presented during its 70th General Assembly in Geneva in 2017.