From Cuba to New York, a present for Korby

From Cuba to New York, a present for Korby

Visual Arts

By Rose Ross

Who is Korby? It is the safe question and what will he have done to deserve a present despite the distance? it may unsettle the reader. It is about a local character from the American city of New York, whose life story has inspired many artists from Cuba and the world, ready to support his cause.

It all started during a tour by Píter Ortega, a well-known Cuban art critic, through Central Park. On his way, he noticed the presence of Korby, an elderly man who, even at risk of contracting the Covid 19 disease, waits every day for anyone who wants a portrait in drawing for only 5 dollars to earn a living.

Píter channeled his excitement and admiration by paying for one of these, to help the artist. Since then, he has launched an appeal to his friends through the social network of Facebook to invite them to support the Korby cause. The impact has been such that many acquaintances have joined by seing drawings from photos, and many artists have offered their works as a tribute and also as a form of contribution.

The first was the painter Adrián Socorro, who stated on his Facebook profile: “this story has touched me, so much so that it inspired me to make this portrait of the colleague. From Cuba, this is my grain of sand in the kind of movement in which Korby is immersed right now”. Socorro not only painted the protagonist of the story, but declared the piece for sale in order to send the amount obtained to Korby as financial support.

Other creators have also offered their art as a tribute, among which are the Cubans Pablo Lazo, Roberto Daniel González Fernández, Brian Sánchez, Jeine Roque, Silvio Hernandez, Juan J. Blanco Lozano, Rafael Luis Aguilera Herrera, Francisco Núñez Martínez, Aldo Cabrera, Adonis Muiño and Elier Tamayo García. From other latitudes they have also dedicated their art to the New Yorker in a gesture of sensitivity and humanism; so did Pierre Lachance from Canada.