From my Kitchen

From my Kitchen


By Silvia Mayra Gómez Fariñas

Roast pork is a traditional Creole food, very popular for Cubans especially on holidays and has even been mentioned in literary works. One example is Cirilo Villaverde's novel Cecilia Valdés, a 19th century Cuban masterpiece, where roast pork was among the various meals that the wealthy Gamboa family brought to the table.

This meat can be made in various ways: in casserole, baked, broiled or on a spike. When the leg is roasted, nuts, olives, sausage can be added. Usually roasted leg is either done as a casserole or baked.

In the countryside it is very common to barbecue it and in Cuba’s eastern region it is roasted on a spike and stuffed with black beans, another traditional Cuban dish. The party starts when the pig is killed. Roast Pork Leg


1 pork leg1 red mangrove peel8 oranges (sour)10 cloves garlic1 tablespoon cumin4 chorizos (sausages)½ cup olive½ cup raisinssalt to taste

Preparation: Wash, chop and extract the orange juice. Wash and mash garlic . Wash and chop sausages in slices. In a bowl mix the juice, garlic and cumin and add salt.

Place pork leg on a platter. Using a knife, make various cuts in it and pour the marinade over it so that it penetrates well. Leave overnight.

When ready to cook, take the leg and place it on a baking sheet, adding mangrove peels on the side, and stuff the cuts with chorizo, olives and raisins.

Place in the oven and brush it from time to time with the remaining marinade. Bake until a rod is inserted and comes out clean.

Remove the meat from the oven, place in a dish, garnish with lettuce leaves and bring it to the table, ready to serve.