Gaviota's new hotel almost ready in the north of Holguín

Gaviota's new hotel almost ready in the north of Holguín



The first hotel on the Ramón de Antilla peninsula, at the entrance to Nipe Bay, in the north of the eastern province of Holguín, will be ready soon, announced Gaviota Tourism Group on its Facebook page.

The new facility, located about 100 kilometers from the city of Holguín, is located in a region of spectacular natural landscapes -   considered a protected area- with magnificent beaches of very white sands and waters of an enviable turquoise color.

The hotel will have 900 comfortable rooms and a complex of swimming pools, restaurants and bars as well as other recreation facilities, including nautical sports.

Considered the third most important destination in the country, with some 200 tourist attractions and about 5,400 rooms, Holguín has Canada as its main source market, followed by England and Germany, among others.

At present and given the situation caused by the new coronavirus that plagues the world, Cuba is considered one of the safest destinations due to the hygienic sanitary measures adopted by the country's authorities, which include taking the temperature and applying a rapid test. at the airport itself to all visitors who arrive to the island.

According to recent data, Cuba has more than 68,000 rooms to meet the demand of national and international tourism, a figure that should continue to grow in the coming years, until reaching 103,000, provided for by the economic and social development plan of the nation until 2030. Of that total, one third belongs to the Gaviota Tourism Group.