Havana Club launches new dark rum, smoked Cuban style

Havana Club launches new dark rum, smoked Cuban style

Havana Club presented its new dark rum, Cuban Smoky Havana, considered the rebel brother of Aged 7 years, born of exclusive mixes of rum aged in barrels where whisky was kept at the San Jose distillery.

The presentation took place during the activities of the 37th International Havana Fair, being displayed at the Expocuba fair grounds in the Cuban capital with the participation of exhibitors, businesspeople and entrepreneurs of over 55 countries.

This new spirit of the renowned brand, intended particularly to the youth, is a new dark rum, powerful with smoky taste, developed by the rum master Asbel Morales, who thought to prepare it with a certain finish; that is, before being bottled it is submitted to a final aging process, so it is capable to pick up the notes of that last spirit in the barrel.

Morales explained during the presentation that the Cuban Smoky is the rebel brother of the Havana Club 7 Years, born to show the versatility of our foundational rum.

With this novel product, Havana Club pretends to connect not only the connoisseurs of spirits such as whisky, but also reach the younger generation which seeks to taste bolder beverages. For that reason, he asserted that the Cuban Smoky is a “bold beverage for bold drinkers”.

Created in 1993, Havana Club International S.A., exports its spirituous beverages to over 120 countries, excluding the United States, due to restrictions imposed by that country to Cuban products due to the commercial blockade.

Last year, sales of the Brand reached 4.6 million boxes, while this year 2019 was in the 20th place among the Impact Top 100. Havana Club is world leader in rums of Super Premium and Superior categories and the third most solicited rum in the world.