Havana Club presents new Professional Editions C and D

Havana Club presents new Professional Editions C and D



The new Professional Editions C and D of Havana Club will be available to customers shortly, after the first two have had great international success.

A note released by the company on its website adds that the new spirits are the result of collaboration between renowned bartenders and Maestros of Cuban Rum and brings canteen professionals closer to new rums with unique flavor profiles.

These editions were designed to push the limits of rum and inspire bartenders to create iconic and innovative cocktails, using exclusive rums from the famous brand.

The Professional C Edition, adds the information, is a rich, delicate, gold-colored Premium rum and was created with exclusive blends of rum bases aged in the Ronera San José wineries, Mayabeque province, aged in American white oak barrels.

While the D shows the aromatic balance of a strong but smooth rum and the intensity of its fragrance is perfectly balanced by its notes of fresh cane juice. Two of the most prominent bartenders in the world contributed to the preparation of both spirits: Carina Soto and Alex Kratena, included in the Bar World 100 list by Drinks International magazine, among the most influential figures in the industry.

Both editions are limited productions of a thousand boxes of 9 liters each and are available to select bartenders and bar owners all over the planet.

Created 27 years ago by the Cuban company Cuba Ron S.A. and the French group Pernod Ricard, the joint venture Havana Club International S.A., it has developed the Havana Club brand on a global level, it ranks third in the world, excluding the United States, and is the leader in super Premium and superior rums in the world.