Havana Club S.A. works in favor of preserving the environment Cubaplus

Havana Club S.A. works in favor of preserving the environment Cubaplus



Havana Club International S.A. decided to withdraw the plastic dispenser, which was inserted in some products of its portfolio in order, among other factors, to reduce the impact on the environment.

A press release of the entity adds that the elimination of plastic elements in the rum production process will be taken out gradually until 2025. The measure, it points out below, also took place in a context marked by considerable delays in the arrival in Cuba of the essential raw material for making and packaging the spirit.

This is due to the economic, commercial and economic blockade of the United States, imposed on Cuba for the last six decades. According to the director of Sales and Marketing, Amed Álvarez Tejo, the delay left the company only two options: continue bottling without said component and maintain stability in the national market or discontinue production.

“We prefer to continue bottling our rums so as not to affect customers or consumers. Thus, we will adopt the measure of removing the insert in those beverages of the standard range: Havana Club Aged White, Havana Club Aged 3 Years and Havana Club Aged Special”, added the executive.

Havana Club International S.A. was created in November 1993 by the Cuban company Cuba Ron S.A., responsible for the production of the spirit, and the French group Pernod Ricard, with the aim of developing the brand internationally through Pernod Ricard's solid distribution network.

It is one of the most demanded international brand of rum in the world, excluding the US, and a world leader in super Premium and superior rums. Havana Club ranked twenty-second in Impact's top 100 ranking and sold 4.7 million cases in 2019.