Havana loses ground in battle against Covid-19

Havana loses ground in battle against Covid-19

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The Cuban capital turned back to the phase of limited autochthonous transmission in the confrontation with the new coronavirus, starting this Saturday, due to the rebound in infections registered in recent days.

The Cuban Government decreed the return of the capital to the previous stage and applied stricter measures to stop the outbreak, after having been Havana for a little over a month in the first phase of the post-covid recovery stage.

Within the measures announced by the Provincial Defense Council (CDP), the council decided the closing of places where people concentrate, outlets of self-employed workers and the beaches east and west of the city, as well as all swimming pools for public use, recreational parks and places of relaxation, as well as to limit the access and exit from and to the capital.

Public activities are also prohibited, while bars, restaurants and cafeterias will only offer take-away meals; public transport is limited and will only provide service to offices and factories that keep working and other services.

The president of the CDP, Luis Antonio Torres Iríbar, also said the economy will not stop, although vulnerable people, just as when the city was previously passing through this phase, will stop working. 

Among the causes of the regrowth, Torres Iríbar mentioned problems in active investigations, violation of the protocols, lack of demanding obedience, relaxation in terms of physical distancing and the use of the mask, weak management of some control agencies, and violation of health standards in restaurants, bars, cafes, swimming pools and public transport by some citizens.

For his part, the Cuban president, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, during that meeting criticized “those irresponsible persons, non-compliant of the rules” and recalled that every time a regrowth is generated, there are more people affected, who may later be left with health problems.